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Exploring Global Flavours at Riverine Rabbit, Birmingham’s Newest Michelin Mention


Riverine Rabbit, an independent restaurant, located in Stirchley, Birmingham has been listed in the Michelin Guide.

“After generating a fair amount of buzz with their pop-ups, warm and welcoming couple Ash and Erin have found a permanent home in this Birmingham suburb. 

Erin leads the friendly service, while Ash proudly delivers her dishes from behind a kitchen counter; if you get the chance, order the honey-cured beef, which epitomises the flavour-packed cooking.

Influences from Ash’s native South Africa occasionally make an appearance, as do those from Asia, ranging from Penang curry to furikake. That this all comes at wallet-friendly prices is a welcome bonus.”

The Inspector’s Review

Spearheaded by Ash and Erin Valenzuela-Heeger, Riverine Rabbit opened its doors in January 2024 and combines South African roots and flavours with seasonal British produce. The name is inspired by the Karoo Desert where the elusive riverine rabbit lives with a nod to Ash and Erin’s ongoing endeavour to support sustainable farming practices.

Riverine Rabbit is at 1464 Pershore Road, Stirchley. Bookings can be made at https://www.riverinerabbit.co.uk/reservations

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