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A Game-Changer in Diagnosis: The Crucial Role of Medical Imaging in Detecting Serious Health Issues


Medical imaging allows for rapid diagnosis of previously undetected, potentially life-threatening medical conditions.

Access to rapid diagnostics to assist in detecting serious issues like brain arteriovenous malformations (AVM) is critical,” comments Christian Kleanthous, CEO of TIC Health.

A case in point is Ashleigh Goddard, a 17-year-old attacking midfielder from Edgware who benefited from the advanced medical imaging at TIC Health firsthand. Ashleigh took part in Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker reality programme to uncover Britain’s most talented street footballer. She impressed with her skills and technical capability and made it onto the show, alongside 24 other hopefuls. As almost a third of the contestants were female, it was a milestone for women’s football.

Ashleigh’s journey took an unexpected turn when she collided with a fellow player and suffered a concussion. A lingering headache convinced her to seek additional medical check-ups. A brain scan carried out in January 2020 revealed that Ashleigh did, indeed, have an AVM.

This is a complex tangle of abnormal blood vessels linking arteries to veins that place undue pressure on brain tissues. Symptoms include difficulty in speaking, weakness, numbness, vision loss, and unsteadiness. Accurate diagnosis through  medical imaging allows for the blood vessels to be pinpointed exactly to confirm the location and size of the AVM.

In some settings, they would have just been monitored without imaging, which in Ashleigh’s case would have been fatal,”

says Aqsa Azha, Lead MR Radiographer at TIC Health. The brain scan detected her life-threatening condition, meaning that the accident ultimately highlighted  the vital importance and benefits of medical imaging. 

The National Health Service (NHS) is under so much strain and people without clear ‘red flag systems’ often slip through the gaps and do not receive quick access to potentially lifesaving diagnostic imaging. Ashleigh Goddard’s case was one of many which convinced the TIC Health senior management team to launch the TIC Health Care Plan in 2024, this allows access to unlimited scanning with some of the world’s most sophisticated imaging equipment for fixed and affordable prices.

Medical imaging is essential for effective risk assessment, especially in the case of AVM. It identifies features that can indicate added complications such as haemorrhaging or reduced oxygen supply to brain tissue.

Early detection translates into timely intervention and informed treatment decisions. In addition, monitoring by means of regular imaging allows healthcare providers to track changes in an AVM over time so as to prevent any future complications.

TIC Health assists the NHS by arranging mobile imaging systems for hospitals during busy periods. A qualified and experienced team runs the systems 12/7 to cut down on wait times and consequently  reducing backlogs.

“This enables the population being served by their local hospital to receive their scans in target timeframes and helps achieve faster diagnostics for all,”

says Abdul Joumah, Clinic Manager at TIC Health.

While Ashleigh’s case was a rare neurological case, the principal importance of diagnosing any condition accurately and early is seen in all fields. For instance, TIC Health  provides screening services for many football clubs all the way to the premiership, and they see the benefits of grading joint and muscle injuries quickly to ensure targeted rehabilitation to address the specific condition.

“This will prevent the likelihood of further injury or the development of poorly aligned scar tissue, which can lead to chronic pain,” says Joumah.

Ashleigh’s accident and concussion and persistent symptoms had a successful conclusion ultimately as a result of her ability to get a brain MRI. Stories like this have shaped the mission statement of TIC Health.

We have a state- of-the-art diagnostic centre where our team of healthcare professionals provide faster diagnostics for incredibly affordable rates. We are trying to ensure that the wider community has the same access to rapid diagnostics as the elite athletes we see in the clinic. It means any issues can be detected earlier and treated faster for a more effective, long-term recovery,” concludes Kleanthous.

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