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Transform Your Wellbeing: Join the Golf on Referral Sessions in Birmingham


This summer, local social enterprise Mytime Active is offering significantly reduced-price Golf on Referral sessions at its Hatchford Brook Golf Centre in Sheldon, Birmingham.

The self-referral programme has been created to encourage anyone who is inactive and at risk of chronic conditions to become more physically active outdoors. Developed in partnership with England Golf and ukactive, and supported by the Shared Prosperity Fund, the Golf on Referral programme aims to introduce golf as a fun way to help local people move more, improve their health, learn a new skill and socialise with like-minded people. Participants can be referred by a health professional or fill in a self-referral form to take part.

The Golf on Referral programme includes 12 sessions over six weeks, introducing the game of golf and how it can support health improvements. There are six lessons and six practice sessions – each costs just £4.32. The programme includes 45 minutes of golf coaching per week, as well as social group learning and a complimentary hot drink. Mytime Active’s wellbeing team complete a health assessment at the beginning and end of the programme, to help participants see the difference it’s made to them.

Of the people who have completed the programme since January 2024, 58% had improved personal wellbeing scores (including life satisfaction, feeling happier and less anxious), 50% lost weight, 42% had a smaller waist circumference and 67% had improved blood pressure. By the end of the programme, two thirds were exercising in accordance with recommended physical activity levels (150 minutes per week).

“Our Golf on Referral programme helps develop golf skills, but it also delivers enough physical activity to enable health benefits,”

“Participants will learn everything from the basics of playing golf if they’re a beginner to how they can improve their technique if they’re played before, all from one of our registered Golf Professionals. The wellbeing sessions cover goal setting and overcoming barriers, physical activity and mental health. We provide all the equipment people need and don’t have a strict uniform policy, so anyone can turn up and play just as they are!”

explains programme co-ordinator and Healthy Lifestyles Programme Manager at Mytime Active, Amy Brittain.

Mytime Active partnered with England Golf and ukactive to initially launch Golf on Referral, the first ever research-backed, medically proven GP referral pathway for golf, which won England Golf’s 2019 Innovation Award. The pilot programme was developed using evidence-based principles blending an accessible, social and fun environment with elements of wider behaviour change.

“As a golfer myself I know golf is a great way to improve your health, give your mood a boost and meet new people at the same time,”

“Through previous Golf on Referral programmes we have seen participants improve their physical wellbeing by over half (58%). We have also seen improved mental wellbeing measures – feelings of life satisfaction, self-belief and happiness all went up while anxiety decreased. One gentleman who started Golf on Referral, while also making changes to his diet and taking prescribed medication, lost 4kg in weight and 10cm from his waist, bringing him into a lower risk category. His blood pressure also came down from stage 1 hypertensive to within normal guidelines.”

Mytime Active CEO, Jason Stanton.

The Golf on Referral sessions are available to anyone in the local community who could benefit from being more active by playing golf. Everyone who wishes to take part should complete a self-referral form and provide their details, using this link: https://www.mytimeactive.co.uk/wellbeing-hubs. A member of Mytime Active’s Wellbeing Hub team will then contact them to advise of the next course dates and book them on. The next Golf on Referral programme begins at the end of August.

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