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Play and Celebrate the International Chess Day (20/07/2023)


International Chess Day, celebrated annually on July 20th, is a momentous occasion dedicated to the venerable game of chess. This day recognises the timeless allure, intellectual challenges, and cultural significance of chess worldwide. Chess enthusiasts, both young and old, come together to celebrate this strategic and captivating game. It is a day to appreciate the mental agility, critical thinking, and analytical skills that chess fosters.

International Chess Day serves as a reminder of the universal language that chess speaks, transcending borders and bringing people from different backgrounds together. Whether played in parks, clubs, or online platforms, chess unites individuals in a shared passion for this ancient game of kings and queens. It is a day to honour the beauty of chess, its enduring legacy, and the community of players who continue to find inspiration and joy in the 64 squares.

Places to Play in Birmingham

Checkmate! Birmingham

Kynoch Chess Club

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