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Ian Stone Wraps Up UK Tour with ‘Keeping it Together’ in Birmingham


Ian will close his UK tour in Birmingham with a brand new show, ‘Ian Stone is Keeping it Together’, from Ian will embark on his first UK national tour -“… about f***ing time” – kicking off in Leicester at Firebug on 15 September, touching London’s Comedy Store on 18 November and ending in Birmingham at The Glee Club on 29 November. For UK Tour Tickets visit – www.ianstonecomedian.co.uk

Ian IS keeping it together but only just. Yes, he has all his own hair and teeth and keeps a tight control over his between meal snacking but what does it matter when the Tories are still in power, there’s war in the middle east and Donald Trump could be allowed back (back!!) into the White House? How can there be such terrible pain and suffering in the world even though Ian always rates his WhatsApp calls, package delivery and parking experience? And what happens to all the pens he buys? These and other questions will get the answers they deserve.

Ian Stone is “A masterful exponent of self-mocking Jewish humour” according to The Times. He has been ranked as “one of the top ten comedians in the UK” by The Independent and The Guardian has described him as “Seriously funny”. His show at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe, ‘Ian Stone will Make it Better’, played to packed houses and won a Spirit of The Fringe award.

Ian is also a prolific broadcaster and author, known for his appearances on satirical, political, and sports TV and radio shows. Currently, he presents “The Football’s On” on TNT Sports and also hosts the “Handbrake Off”, the Athletic’s Arsenal podcast, where he talks about his favourite team, Arsenal FC. Their first live show recording in November was a sold-out success at the Leicester Square Theatre in London.

As an author he wrote the book, “To Be Someone”, part auto-biography, part social history and part love letter to Paul Weller and The Jam. Ian has written for various publications, his op-ed for Chortle entitled “Why is there so little political comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe?”, published last year – was cited by The Observer and The Guardian in an article about how “standup has taken a sharp turn towards inner trauma in recent years”. Ian also had guest columns published in Men’s Fitness, and a monthly column in The Arsenal Magazine.

29 November – Birmingham, The Glee Club

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