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Birmingham Housing Week 2024: Shaping Careers, Communities, and Homes


Young people and communities are being urged to use the first-ever Birmingham Housing Week to “look beyond the hard hats and bricks” and explore the raft of housing sector career opportunities as part of a city master plan to deliver high levels of new jobs, homes, investment, and green space.

The rallying call comes as it was confirmed the action-packed week will be taking place from February 5th-9th 2024 and will centre on addressing housing provision in the city, while highlighting the investment and employment opportunities within Birmingham’s current and future housing landscape. Young people will play a significant role in the week, with events ranging from challenges to hearing from sector experts in sessions on the various careers in housing in an exciting time for the city.

In addition to focusing on housing provision, Birmingham Housing Week is committed to fostering a sense of community engagement. Various events during the week will emphasise the importance of community development, ensuring that the housing initiatives align with the needs and aspirations of the residents. Young participants will have the chance not only to explore career paths but also to contribute to discussions about building sustainable and vibrant communities.

Birmingham Housing Week is a private sector initiative, powered by national housebuilder Lovell Partnerships, with support from Birmingham City Council and educational charity, MOBIE. This initiative aims not only to showcase the investment into new and current homes as a key part of the Council’s growth strategy but also to ensure there are lasting opportunities to meet the needs and aspirations of present and future residents.

The council has recently published a 20-year masterplan which includes the potential to create 35,000 more energy-efficient new homes and 74,000 new jobs for Birmingham’s young and growing population – while its new Housing Strategy 2023-2028 includes everything from a pledge to accelerate the delivery of affordable housing across the city to capitalise on opportunities to deliver large-scale regeneration projects and improve communities. Investment in the council’s existing housing stock of 60,000 homes will also lead to significant growth in various trades and skilled and professional jobs as well as providing several graduate and apprentice opportunities in the city.

And today those behind Birmingham Housing Week urged young people attending to examine the raft of careers in an industry boasting jobs as diverse as architects, ledgers, surveyors, joiners, builders, project managers, bid writers, data analysts and engineers and in a city benefitting from a raft of new and future developments including the ongoing transformation of Perry Barr.

“Birmingham Housing Week provides a remarkable platform to shine a spotlight on substantial investments in advancing homes within the city.

“Our focus extends beyond the physical structures; it’s about placing communities at the heart of the plans and creating meaningful opportunities for the younger generation who can use the week to explode any myths and look beyond the hard hats and bricks and play a huge role in shaping the city’s master plan and ensuring we have the homes and places this great city needs for the future.

“With an exceptional set of events already lined up, we are looking forward to the conversations and debates and highlighting the collaborative efforts across sectors. We’re looking forward to welcoming industry leaders and the local community alike to contribute to the shared vision to build a better Birmingham.”

Stuart Penn, Regional Managing Director at Lovell Partnerships

As excitement builds for Birmingham Housing Week, schools are also being encouraged to sign up for the MOBIE Think Circular design challenge which aims to engage young people in the career and job opportunities in the housing and construction sectors, as well as encouraging them to get involved in the planning and thinking process related to the future of housing in their city.

We are thrilled to confirm the launch of Birmingham Housing Week in collaboration with industry-leading partners, Lovell Partnerships, and MOBIE. Our focus extends beyond addressing current issues; we aim to foster a forward-looking perspective that supports the next generation of young individuals and promotes regeneration. We encourage as many people as possible from across the city to actively engage in the events and activities we have planned”.

Cllr. Jayne Francis, Cabinet Member for Housing and Homelessness at Birmingham Council

At the culmination of Birmingham Housing Week, Lovell will compile a comprehensive report to encapsulate data, insights, and findings from those attending the week including young people, stakeholders, industry leaders, community representatives, and supply chain partners who will be encouraged to collectively chart the next steps for Birmingham’s housing future.

To find out more information and enquire about sponsorship opportunities, visit: https://www.birminghamhousingweek.co.uk/.

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